Sean working on upper paddocks.

By Dan Roark     I had originally planned to begin by saying “after the rains and storms of last week” when the bottom dropped out again as I was sitting there. Then more rain came. The rain is freaking relentless.

And so is the need for funds in this little nonprofit world we call New Hope. The picture is of Sean working on the upper paddocks. The mud management system in the upper paddocks is done now – finished just before the deluge. But the lower paddocks still need the mud management work done. Olivia recently had colic and had to go to the equine ICU.

The ELC after the removal of carpet and other items.

Not to mention the damage from the deluge. Any amount is appreciated.

Donate to New Hope.

New Hope now has:

Venmo – @NewHopeEquineAssistedTherapy

We also need help with buying hay. The weather is keeping hay farmers from harvesting, making hay prices rise.

Giving Grid

Now I’ll do what I’ve been trying to do for weeks – get back to the business of writing about the positive things that are coming out of New Hope. Some of them kept coming even during the extended and torrential “rainy season.” It’s just difficult to write (or think) positively when the rainy weather takes over and will not relinquish the reins to the sun.

Ride on and ride for hope.

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  1. This looks amazing in the paddocks. You guys have done so much for my daughter and given me so much HOPE. For anyone thinking and able to donate. These guys are legit !!! They do so much good.

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