Volunteer Opportunities

New Hope could not function without our dedicated volunteers. See below for the primary roles currently available. If you are interested in serving on the board, go to Our Team for any open positions.

Our current session began September 13 and runs through June. Registrations are accepted year round. Placement depends on completing all required paperwork and completing volunteer training (for new volunteers). Then the participants will be matched to the right horse and number of volunteers and days/times that work for the family. When enough trained volunteers are available, the participant will be placed on the schedule. 

Robbie in therapeutic riding session

Horsemanship Program Volunteers

Horse leaders are responsible for horses before, during and after lessons. They receive training on how to prepare horses (groom & tack), how to safely & effectively lead horses during lessons, and the process for removing tack and turning out horses following lessons. 

Sidewalkers are responsible for remaining with their participant before, during, and after lessons and receive training on how to safely and effectively provide support to their assigned participant. Sidewalkers will also help gather horse tack prior to the lesson. 

Horse handlers assist and learn how to catch/release, lead, prepare and care for the horses.

Equine Manager Assistant

This volunteer position is by invitation only. Strong horse handling skills are required. These horse-experienced volunteers commit to coming weekly to check the herd for injuries, scrub legs clean of “crud” when needed, pick and treat hooves, and give at least one horse who needs it a bath (Summer) or deep grooming (Winter). They are required to attend general orientation, horse leader and handler training, and other training as needed. Because this position is working directly with horses with minimal supervision, children are not allowed unsupervised. If parents attend orientation and training, and are experienced horse people, children 14 and older may be considered.

Horses Helping Heroes Volunteers

The ideal volunteer in our veterans and first responder program will be versed in Natural Horsemanship unmounted skills. If strong horsemanship skills exist, there is training on the specific needs for this position. Volunteer would work directly with one veteran or first responder with Post Traumatic Stress symptoms who have been referred as ready to participate in this program, so a general understanding of PTS and the ability to encourage cooperation between horse and human is a must. Classes will have 3-4 participants, with a volunteer for each, and an instructor and instructor helper.  A commitment of 2.5 hours weekly for eight weeks is suggested so that there is not the stress of meeting a new volunteer each week.

Horses Helping Heroes - Instructor Helper

In addition to the requirements for New Hope Heroes Volunteers, an Instructor Helper should have some skill in Natural horsemanship round pen and arena work; including but not limited to desensitizing, side pass, turn on the forehand and on the haunches, lunging, etc. 

Working with horses in round pen

Volunteer Trainer

This position is by invitation only. Horsemanship skills are required as well as familiarity with New Hope procedures.
Focused and detail-oriented people that are comfortable speaking to groups of 1-10 will enjoy this volunteer position. 

Lead Volunteers

Lead volunteers are typically long-standing volunteers who are responsible for coordinating the activities before and after classes. They also serve as a resource person for other volunteers by guiding and assisting them as needed. This role requires a thorough understanding of the barn, horses and needs of the instructor; therefore, the lead volunteer position is by invitation only.

Equine Program & Facility Volunteers

Equine program and facility volunteers are responsible for assisting with the general care of the horses, feedings, barn and facility upkeep. In addition to the general orientation, barn & facility volunteers are trained for the tasks which they are assigned. Working in the barn and on the property is more physically demanding.

Special Skills Volunteers

Volunteers offering to share a special skill or technical experience that may benefit the program are encouraged to do so. Areas of special skills/experience may include graphic design, public relations, photography, etc. Please contact the volunteer coordinator for more information.

Special Events Volunteers

Special events volunteers assist with the various special functions hosted by New Hope throughout the year such as the annual horse show, fundraisers such as the Fall gala and the Clay Shoot in Spring, etc. Duties may include assisting with coordinating an event, serving on a special committee, and/or assisting the actual day of the event. New Hope staff will provide special events volunteers with training and information required to perform their duties.

Volunteer Application Process

NOTE: All volunteer must complete the application process annually. Volunteers cannot be scheduled to work until all documents have been signed and reviewed by New Hope staff.

Step 1

Download and read the Information Packet. This package is designed for you to keep. It contains all the copy for the legal agreements you will be asked to sign in the online form in Step 2.

Step 2

All volunteers must complete these forms online. Volunteers under the age of 18 will need parent or guardian signatures. This information will be automatically sent to the New Hope Equine Volunteer Coordinator upon submission.

Volunteer Application

For more information about volunteer opportunities or to request an opportunity to shadow a volunteer, contact our Volunteer Coordinator by emailing Volunteer@NewHopeEquine.com

To apply for a volunteer role, please complete the form below.

This form is only to be used by Parent/Guardian of minors when online Volunteer Application form was not signed by Parent /Guardian.

Volunteer Check-Out

Please complete this form before you leave New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy. Be sure to include your time travelling to and from New Hope in your total hours. Use the time you left home (excluding errands) as your arrival time. Use the time you expect to arrive home (excluding errands) as your departure time. And thank you for volunteering!