There are many ways to donate to New Hope, we've listed several options here. Any amount is appreciated as it helps us provide services for more participants. As our services cost 2x what we charge for lessons, your donations make the difference!

Here at New Hope our riders don't just succeed, they THRIVE

Join us as we raise funds for scholarships so children, like Finn, can continue to experience the sheer joy and freedom that happens when they bond with their equine partner.


Pledge an ongoing monthly donation to New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy

Round Up:

Round-up your purchases to the next dollar by linking your debit/credit card.

One Time:

Make a one-time donation to New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy.

 Support our paddock drainage campaign.
We have found a solution for proper drainage in our horse’s paddocks but we’ll need to raise a total of $70,000 to pay for materials. All contributions are welcome and tax-deductible!
The picture on the left shows the lower paddock that still needs treatment. See the dramatic improvement in the photo on the right of the upper paddock after installation of the new mud management system.
Results of Lighthoof Mud Management Panels


Monthly donations are a great way to provide continuing support for New Hope’s horses.
One time donations are also appreciated. Either would be a good way to honor a loved one or friend for the holidays.

Suggested donation amounts:

$25 a month covers the cost of horse treats

$60 a month covers a horse 'pedicure' (farrier care)

$200 a month covers the cost to provide feed and care for one horse

Shop for Groceries and Help New Hope

There’s an easy way for you to help New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy every month!

Just shop at Kroger and use your Kroger Plus Card, it’s that easy.

All you have to do is register your Kroger Plus Card with the Community Rewards Program, using the link provided below. If you haven’t registered your card yet under your name, you will have to do that first, then click on the Community Rewards Program to sign up for New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy.

Our NPO / account number is NK247.

Kroger will contribute to our organization 5% of what you spend at its stores each quarter and mail us a check. This does not affect your fuel rewards!

We appreciate you choosing to support New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy.

The riders and our horses thank you for taking the time to make their lives better.

Companies that match donations

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Share the love, help spread the word and donate to New Hope at the same time!

Participant Scholarships

Sponsor a rider in need by donating:

Many of our participant’s families are financially challenged with the additional medical costs or needs for other services. Our actual cost per ride is well over $100 but we try to keep our rates to half of the cost. Assistance in helping these families cover the cost of equine therapy is extremely helpful and appreciated. Please consider making a monthly contribution. Even $20 monthly (65 cents per day) adds up and helps us make this service available to those in need.