Therapeutic Riding

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected this list of frequently asked questions to assist you. If you have a question not addressed here, please use the Contact Us form to reach out with your question. 

Therapeutic riding lessons at New Hope are tailored to each rider’s individual needs and abilities, and generally consist of grooming the horse, tacking up, arena riding, and trail riding.

We charge $60 per lesson. Our actual cost is over $100, we depend on donations and grants to cover the difference.

Insurance typically does not cover therapeutic riding however you may be able to utilize one of the following programs including our own program for families with low income. Our Horses Helping Heros program does have specific funding support.

o CLASS – “CLASS Texas Program”

o Class Wallet –

o My ASDF – for those on Autism spectrum; apply in May as soon as possible as funds run out quickly

o New Hope Financial Assistance Program – registered participants may apply year round  however participants must complete registration before applying for reduced rates.

Therapeutic riding

Our current session began mid-September and runs through June. Registrations are accepted year round and all participants are initially placed on the  waitlist. All prior year participants will be placed on the schedule first, then those on the waitlist will be placed.

Placement depends on completing all required forms first, then  attending an evaluation session so the participant can be matched to the right horse and number of volunteers. The days/times that work for the family are also taken into consideration. When enough trained volunteers are available the participant will be placed on the schedule.

Step 1

Download and read the Information Packet.  This package is designed for you to keep. It contains all the copy for the legal agreements you will be asked to sign in the online form in Step 2 as well as important information regarding details about proper attire, lessons, missed lessons etc..

Your signature confirming you have read this packet  in Step 2 means you understand and agree to the terms for participation. If you don’t understand something, please ask now. 


Step 2

All participants or their parent/guardian must complete these forms online. Signature in this step means you understand and agree to the terms for participation. Once submitted, an email will be sent to the Program Manager.

Step 3

Download this fillable PDF. This consists of the Emergency Medical Treatment and the doctor’s statement, which must be signed by the participant’s physician. Please scan or photograph the signed form and email it to This form is required prior to proceeding to step 4.

Step 4

Once registration is done and doctor’s form is signed and returned, the Program Manager will review the rider information and determine if there is space in a class and the appropriate horse to move to the next phase.

Program Manager will either a) contact participant or parent/guardian about the availability of a class, or b) contact participant or parent/guardian about waitlist status.

NOTE: Participants who are placed on the waitlist will be moved into the program as an appropriate class time, horse, or instructor is available. There are multiple factors that contribute to participant success. New Hope will not move a participant to an inappropriate class, horse or instructor.

Person riding a horse

Step 5

Once a class has an open spot, the participant will be scheduled for an evaluation session so they can be matched to the right horse and number of volunteers. When enough trained volunteers are available the participant will be placed on the schedule. If a class has an open spot and the participant is unable to come on that day/time, the class will be offered to the next person who meets the criteria on the waitlist.

Regular attendance is crucial for participants to receive the benefits of therapeutic riding. Once you are scheduled, that spot is yours. Instructors and volunteers commit that time to you. If absences become an issue, be aware that New Hope has the right to remove the participant from their scheduled day/time and place them back on the waitlist. * Please carefully read the Attendance Policy

NOTE: All participants must complete the registration process annually. Participants cannot be scheduled for their evaluation interview until all documents have been signed and reviewed by New Hope staff.

Participant Registration

New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy

NOTE: This is a multi-page registration. It is recommended to access via a computer or tablet.
Upon submission, you will receive a copy of the information you submitted via the email you provide on this form. Then the information will be reviewed by our Programming Coordinator who will follow up with you shortly. If you have any questions, contact our Programming Coordinator at
For details on how your privacy is protected, please review our New Hope Privacy and Security statement posted on our website.
And thank you for considering New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy!