By Dan Roark

[Author’s note: After accidently posting Sierra’s pictures last week (I did correct it), I thought it was only fair that I highlight her this week.]

Sierra is a 6 yr. old bay roan mare. She is the newest and youngest horse at New Hope. She was a ranch horse before Claire and her family bought her. Sierra was so gentle she was not quite successful as a ranch horse. So the owners decided to sell her.

Sierra is not only gentle in every sense of the term, she is also one of the softest horses you will ever groom or caress. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have a problem with anyone touching her face because that is the softest spot on her – cuddly soft. As with any horse, be careful around her mouth as she may think you have a treat. 🙂

Gabby instantly became Sierra’s best friend/adoptive mom, taking her under her wing – so to speak. They share a paddock and can be observed acting like family.

While still a baby in training, Sierra will eventually be a lesson horse. Claire and her family – as well as the New Hope family – look excitedly forward to the day Sierra becomes an official New Hope lesson horse.

Ride on and ride for hope.

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