By Dan Roark

Rain is an estimated 2014 model brown and white paint pony who was rescued from a kill pen to be a companion for a lonely horse. It is not known how she ended up in such circumstances. She does, however, have vision issues in one eye which makes her jump when someone touches her face or she senses that they might.

Once Rain was rescued she was gently trained to be a riding horse and began working at New Hope in 2019 where she quickly became a favorite with younger riders. Riders such as Ava, who rode Rain at Chisholm Challenge this year.

Rain is the cutest horse. Oddly enough, that makes one instantly want to pet her face, which she does not care for. But other than that, she’s very gently and easy to get along with.  Which is why she’s a favorite with the youngest of riders.


Ride on and ride for hope.

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