Beau waiting to be tacked up for a ride.

By Dan Roark

Beau is a 1998 model palomino appendix gelding. Upon retiring from his former career as a jumper, Beau transitioned to a soft retirement as a lesson horse at New Hope in 2016. Beau is a gentle soul, who is easily led and is comfortable with either English and Western saddles.

Beau’s best friend is Tommy, who was highlighted before the Thanksgiving break. Accept at mealtime, when Beau wants to eat in peace. Partially due to the wear and tear on his teeth, putting him in the special needs category as far as the New Hope herd is concerned. He gets extra alfalfa watered down and spread throughout the day to make up for the fact that it’s takes little more work to eat when you’re lacking in the teeth department. He is fed four times a day instead of the usual two to address his needs. He is doing well though, as he can eat an entire horse treat without any of it hitting the ground.

Beau likes to help every rider, from the beginner to the highly skilled. He is content to be led and will occasionally take a nap in the middle of a lesson if not kept moving. Beau works well with taller, balanced riders who still require a leader or side walker. He has a competitive nature which will come out when asked the right way. Riders enjoy his big, bouncy trot when learning to post, or just rising and falling with the movement of the horses legs. Which makes Beau the favorite horse for a number of riders.

Ride on and ride for hope.



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