By Dan Roark

I take a lot of pictures trying to get some good ones for the New Hope blog, Facebook, and the website. Some pictures I take for personal reasons to see if I can get a particular shot I see in my head.

But the pictures that I will post in this feature of the blog are ones I’ve been taking all along. Pictures of the expressions on  the faces of volunteers, staff, riders, and horses. Which explains the title of the feature.

Expressions of New Hope – as I say – is something I’ve been wanting to do since I starting writing the blog posts. To see the expressions of struggle as they try to perform a particular task, as well as expressions of confusion and so forth, and then see the expressions with the smiles of success are more than heartwarming.

Callie is one of the more expressive riders in this little universe we call New Hope. Choosing the pictures to post was difficult, for the most part. In the first picture she shows confusion as she contemplates what the other riders on the sensory trail are doing. The second picture illustrates Callie’s acceptance of what was happening on the horse. The third picture is her posing for me, showing awareness and confidence. That’s what New Hope is all about!

Ride on and ride for hope.

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