The Hits Just Keep on Coming – Expenses-wise!

By Dan Roark While I was posting about how well Libby was dealing with equine Cushing’s disease, her health began to go south, adding to the vet issues and bills which accelerated with Olivia’s visit to the equine ICU recently. Libby contracted pneumonia, causing an overnight stay at the vet hospital – which also revealed […]

Expressions of New Hope – Margaret

By Dan Roark Margaret is usually wearing sunglasses of some sort. She always has fun riding, but especially so on Family Fun Day. I don’t know if she took them off for my sake – the sun was still bright – but she did pose for me. In the picture in which Rain is trotting, […]

Equine Therapy is For Horses, Too – Libby

By Dan Roark The reason Sharla was clipping Libby during the Farrier’s visit was due to Libby having equine Cushing’s disease, as I mentioned in the Farrier post. Cushing’s disease, whether in humans or horses, involves the pituitary gland and is generally found in the female species of both.  The effects, however, while both are […]

Before the Deluge Recap – The Coming of the Farrier

By Dan Roark   The farrier comes every five weeks. The last time was on May 20 – before the torrential unforgiving rains. Joey was substituting for the regular farrier, Wyatt, who was in the hospital with health issues. Joey’s assistant was Rylee, affectionately referred to by Joey as the “Dutch Hammer.” One of the things […]

Before the Deluge Recap – Family Fun Day

By Dan Roark  [More pictures can be found on the New Hope Facebook page. But I wanted to highlight the work Susan did to set up the games and facilitate the events.] Despite the rain the latter part of the week before, the sun shone bright for Family Fun Day on Saturday, May 18, which […]

New Hope – After the Deluge

By Dan Roark     I had originally planned to begin by saying “after the rains and storms of last week” when the bottom dropped out again as I was sitting there. Then more rain came. The rain is freaking relentless. And so is the need for funds in this little nonprofit world we call New […]

Claire, FFA, and Horse Judging

By Dan Roark Claire and I were talking during one of the two Denton Riding Club Playdays in which New Hope riders participated. She was telling Cyndy and I about her team competing in Horse Judging events through FFA at school. I thought it would make a great post and asked her to write it […]

Expressions of New Hope: Ashwik

By Dan Roark In the couple of years since Ashwik began riding at New Hope, I have taken pictures of him on numerous occasions. When he first began riding, it was almost impossible to get a shot with his eyes open. Each lesson that I took pictures of him, he opened up a little more. […]

Autism Awareness Month and New Hope

By Dan Roark It’s been a busy month, but before Autism Awareness Month ends, I would like to get in a post in support. Riders at New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy are often dealing with a number of issues. In numerous cases, one of those issues is autism. Or, more precisely, they are somewhere on […]

Volunteer Highlight – Emily Klemme

By Dan Roark Emily is a regular volunteer at New Hope, in addition to being a substitute teacher in the Argyle school district. She recently moved to Argyle and she is mom to six “wonderful” kids. A love of horses and volunteering brought her to New Hope. As well as a desire to learn new […]