Monday Sporting Clay Shoot Reminder

By Dan Roark There are still spots open for the Annual Sporting Clay Shoot benefitting New Hope to be held at Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds in Decatur on Saturday, April 13. Registration will begin at 8 a.m. with a 9 a.m. anticipated start time. Awards, Auction, and Lunch provided by 407BBQ will start at Noon. […]

Annual Sporting Clay Shoot Benefitting New Hope Reminder

By Dan Roark There are still spots open for the Annual Sporting Clay Shoot benefitting New Hope held at Fossil Pointe Sporting Grounds in Decatur on Saturday, April 13. Registration will begin at 8 a.m. with a 9 a.m. anticipated start time. Awards, Auction, and Lunch provided by 407BBQ will start at Noon. The clay […]

Horse Highlight – Missy

By Dan Roark I picked Missy for the horse highlight today, not because she’s known as Grandma, although that’s certainly part of it. And not because being near an elementary school helped to calm her anxiety stemming from her encounters with children on North Texas trails prior to Missy’s joining the herd when her owner […]

Reminder: Clay Shoot Coming April 13

By Dan Roark For those who may not have heard, and for those who have heard, but let it slip their mind, the 9th Annual New Hope Sporting Clay Shoot – benefitting New Hope – will be held on Saturday, April 13th. Registration will begin at 8 a.m. with a 9 a.m. anticipated start time. […]

Clay Shoot Firearms Raffle for New Hope

Raffle Ticket

By Dan Roark First, a reminder that registration is open for the 9th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot benefiting New Hope Equine Therapy Center. For more information on the Clay Shoot see the former post on the blog or go the Clay Shoot page of the website. This week’s post is about the firearms raffle to […]

Expressions of Chisholm Challenge – Trail

By Dan Roark Expressions of Chisholm Challenge, which will morph into Expressions of New Hope, will be an irregular regular feature on the blog to take advantage of pictures I’ve taken that aren’t used elsewhere. The riders’ expressions tell a lot about where they are on their inner journey and their relationship with the horse. […]

Volunteer Fridays

By Dan Roark Non-profits cannot survive without volunteers and New Hope is no exception. Despite the weather of the first of the week, not only did lessons begin this week (albeit late), but volunteer training sessions began as well. Emily and Sharla co-led the training session with eight prospective volunteers. Claire assisted by being the […]

Spring Lessons Finally Begin!

By Dan Roark After the weather of the weekend and the first of the week drenched the little universe we call New Hope, Spring lessons finally began on Wednesday with the outer half of the arena unusable. Actually, they began on Monday, with Eduardo getting his lesson in the fog and drizzle, but it kept […]

Horse Highlight – Rain

By Dan Roark Rain is an estimated 2014 model brown and white paint pony who was rescued from a kill pen to be a companion for a lonely horse. It is not known how she ended up in such circumstances. She does, however, have vision issues in one eye which makes her jump when someone […]

The Road to Chisholm Challenge for the Drill Teams

By Dan Roark As you may recall, if you’re a regular reader, the two man(person) drill team won second place and the four man(person) drill team won first place at Chisholm Challenge. I also mentioned that Susan takes great pride and pain to come up with two winning routines each Chisholm Challenge – comprising humor, […]

9th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot

By Dan Roark The days leading up to the 9th Annual Sporting Clay Shoot were cloudy with a little rain. But the sun came out Saturday morning with just a little wind, making it a beautiful day for supporting New Hope Equine Assisted Therapy. After registration and the signing of waivers, the welcome by Dave […]

A Freezing Day at New Hope

By Dan Roark Everyone knows about extreme weather from the weather we’ve had this year. While that would pretty much apply to anywhere in the country – or the world for that matter – we’re concerned with the little universe we call New Hope. Back in the dog days of summer, the volunteers and staff […]

Chisholm Challenge Start to Finish – The Awards Party/Luncheon

By Dan Roark Being just a little over two days since Chisholm Challenge, the Awards Party/Luncheon still had the energy and excitement vibe that accompanied the competition itself. Pizza was passed along as the riders and their families arrived at the Pizza Hut. When those who were coming were there, Susan started the awards part […]

Chisholm Challenge Start to Finish – Wednesday! – Pole Bending

By Dan Roark Pole Bending was the last event of Chisholm Challenge on Wednesday. It’s mostly just called poles. Which makes more sense to me because – as you will see – no one is bending any poles. Just going between them. But the girls did it very well. It was a very good day […]

Chisholm Challenge Start to Finish – Wednesday! – Barrels

By Dan Roark The girls that rode barrels and pole-bending (poles) are very good friends and stay in touch through chat messaging. You will recognize some of them from other events, including 4 man drill team (albeit on different horses).                               […]

Chisholm Challenge Start to Finish – Tuesday! – Two Man Drill Team (1)

By Dan Roark Both New Hope Drill Teams were a sight to behold – literally. Susan Altshuler spends a lot of time and effort each year putting together routines for the drill team competition that comprise  humor, entertainment, decorum and the talent of riders and horses. Following the completion of the Chisholm Challenge posts, I […]

Chisholm Challenge Start to Finish – Tuesday! – (1) Equitation

By Dan Roark Tuesday, the first day of competition, for the New Hope riders, was Equitation, Drill Team, and Trail. For the volunteers there was getting horses, riders, side walkers and horse leaders to John Justin Arena for Equitation and Will Rogers Coliseum for trail. Several volunteers participated in several (or more) consecutive events. In […]

Chisholm Challenge Start to Finish – Monday!

By Dan Roark Monday morning, Jan. 8, began with transferring the first loads of horses in the rain and damp. By the time I followed the last load to John Justin Arena about 12:30, the rain had stopped, but it was still damp and cold.                 After waiting […]

Chisholm Challenge Competition – Day One

By Dan Roark Here are a few of the expressions on the New Hope riders – and horses during competition. It was a long day, but they did really well overall. Kyrie, Luci, and Esme competing in English Equitation.       More to come! Ride on, and ride for hope.      

Chisholm Challenge – And So It Begins

By Dan Roark I have a song that begins “It was a dark and dreary day in the middle of July,” but it’s January and it aptly fit the rainy mood yesterday as numerous trips were made from New Hope to the John Justin Arena in the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo grounds with […]

A Rainy Day at New Hope

By Dan Roark Yesterday, Cyndy and I picked Tucker up in Weatherford and took her to New Hope. The idea was that she would have a chance to ride to get ready for Chisholm Challenge. A drill team practice was scheduled for 2 p.m. If any of the drill team riders were unable to make […]

Horse (Mule) Highlight – Daisy Mae

By Dan Roark Daisy Mae (circa 2002) is the New Hope resident mule, easily recognized by her long, expressive ears or her loud hee haw at turn out time. A number of the horses don’t like having their ears touched too much and a few their faces as well. Daisy Mae couldn’t care less. Riders […]

Split Rock Jumping Tour and Chisholm Challenge

By Dan Roark A group of people from New Hope went to Fort Worth last Saturday, the 16th, to watch both the junior/amateur Split Rock jumping events in the morning and afternoon. Then the next to the last night of the professional Split Rock jumping competition Saturday night. Susan Altshuler, New Hope instructor, was participating […]

Horse Highlight – Sierra

By Dan Roark [Author’s note: After accidently posting Sierra’s pictures last week (I did correct it), I thought it was only fair that I highlight her this week.] Sierra is a 6 yr. old bay roan mare. She is the newest and youngest horse at New Hope. She was a ranch horse before Claire and […]

Horse Highlight – Duke

By Dan Roark   [Author’s note: For those who read this post before I changed the picture, I had pictures of Sierra in Duke’s folder and accidently posted those. When you go through 600 pictures at the same time of all the horses, one can get confused. My apologies.] A 2009 model quarter horse, Duke was […]

Chisholm Challenge – Events Explained

By Dan Roark I’ll begin with the American Quarter Horse Association events for those who would like to view the Monday (1/8) events before the Chisholm Challenge events on Tuesday (1/9) and Wednesday (1/10), and those who may simply be interested. AQHA Events: Showmanship – designed to judge the showmanship skills of the exhibitors. Judges […]

Volunteer Highlight – Rider/Volunteers

By Dan Roark It takes all different types of volunteers to help a nonprofit such as New Hope operate on a day to day basis in addition to those on staff. The different types will present themselves in the course of the volunteer highlights over the next few months. But the group of volunteers I […]

Horse Highlight – Beau

By Dan Roark Beau is a 1998 model palomino appendix gelding. Upon retiring from his former career as a jumper, Beau transitioned to a soft retirement as a lesson horse at New Hope in 2016. Beau is a gentle soul, who is easily led and is comfortable with either English and Western saddles. Beau’s best […]

Chisholm Challenge – The Events

By Dan Roark The New Hope family hopes everyone had a heartfelt and sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner with family. With Thanksgiving week behind us, things are picking back up – including the blog. I took a pause while writing this and went to the store. I automatically started to turn toward New Hope. Even our vehicles […]

Tonya – A New Hope Thanksgiving Story

By Dan Roark I had the good pleasure last Saturday morning of taking pictures to document Tonya actually getting on and riding a horse. Something she could only dream of for the last eighteen years. Which is, considering the timing, a wonderful Thanksgiving story and I am fortunate enough to share it with you. I […]

Horse Highlight – Tommy

By Dan Roark I like to call Tommy the gentle giant. Tommy is a blonde, Belgian draft horse, vintage 2003, who came to New Hope via a kill pen. It’s sad that some people can’t see that a horse can do other things, even if it can no longer do what it did previously, which […]

Congratulations to New Hope Instructor, Susan Altshuler

By Dan Roark Cyndy and I drove out to Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler on Sunday to see Susan Altshuler, New Hope Instructor, in the second day of the jumping competition. Susan takes riding lessons at StoryBook Sport Horses. She was one of several riders representing StoryBook. Watching jumping competitions gives you an excellent […]

Chisholm Challenge – The Story

By Dan Roark The 2024 Chisholm Challenge, January 8-10, will be the 20th Anniversary of Chisholm Challenge. Since the beginning, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has donated the John Justin Arena and other amenities in support of Chisholm Challenge (CC). The support of CC by the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo was […]

Chisholm Challenge and the New Hope News Blog

By Dan Roark After a week of rain and a week of illness and out of town trips, things have settled back into regularity this week in the little universe we call New Hope. For the riders who are going to be competing at Chisholm Challenge in January, lessons are being geared toward conditioning, horse […]

New Hope Gala Part Two – Volunteer of the Year

By Dan Roark    I hope everyone had a great weekend! [Note: If you saw, or when you see, my last post about the Gala, you will note that software and internet technology are very cruel when you try to get artsy with pictures!] When Cyndy and I went to our assigned table at the […]