Tommy is a blonde, Belgian draft horse, vintage 2003, who came to New Hope via a kill pen.  Unfortunately some people feel that a horse who can no longer work in the capacity required is worthless and do not make responsible arrangements for a career change or a proper retirement.  We believe this was Tommy’s fate and suspect that he was a plow horse before finding his place in our hearts.  Tommy seems to understand how perilous his life was for awhile, and consequently relishes people, playtime, and bananas (not necessarily in that order). For such a giant, he is surprisingly in tune to his riders’ needs and does his best to keep them safe.  He has even been known to alert staff to an impending medical issue being experienced by a rider! Teaching riders to focus and steer confidently is his forte, as they must keep Tommy focused and directed or risk smashing every cone or pole in sight! Tommy gives the gift of confidence and pride to his riders, many of whom were afraid of him at the start.  Not many people can say they work with a 2000 pound animal with feet the size of dinner plates! Tommy does not care what kind of saddle his riders use, or if they even use a saddle at all. Western, English, Australian, endurance, bareback - just get on and let’s play! Riders like to thank Tommy for his friendship and willingness to partner with them by bringing him his favorite treat - frozen bananas with the peel still on!