Olivia is a 2004 model Gypsy Vanner with a long, flowing black and white mane, and a long, thick forelock and tail.  At various times throughout the year, she sports a black and white curly mustache! Her favorite pastime is being pampered, groomed and told how beautiful she is.  This girl will stand untied for hours to be be brushed and braided! She is solid enough to carry larger riders, but gentle enough to take care of our smaller riders, too.  Olivia prefers to be ridden bareback or English, and enjoys going out on trail rides off property or down to the New Hope sensory trail.  For a long time, Olivia’s mantra was “talk to the hoof” when it came to other horses, but she has bonded with Cy and now happily shares her paddock with him.  They can frequently be found grooming each other and are a very content pair.  Since moving in with her BFF, Olivia has decided that the rest of the herd is actually okay and now enjoys  peaceful turnout time with them all.