A lovely vintage ‘98 bay warmblood, Libby came to the USA from Germany at the age of 8 and joined the New Hope herd in 2020 when her former career as a dressage master was winding down.  This mare is proper English through and through and her sensitive back would revolt at the thought of being ridden Western! She likes to have a daily bath, with bubbles of course, and loves to be treated like the lady she is. A Sonstiges Warmblut, Libby’s registered show name is Walentine! She proudly takes her position as the leader of the herd and makes sure the others are following her rules (she gets the first bath). While she can do leadline lessons, Libby prefers working with the more independent riders and teaching them to refine their body positions and fine tune their rein usage.  She is a willing partner who works hard to do whatever she is asked. Libby is a member of the special needs bunch and has Cushing’s disease, an endocrine disorder a little like diabetes in humans.  Management of Cushing’s requires a special, low sugar diet and daily medication.  Her food is spread out over 4 feedings daily in order to simulate the constant grazing that Cushing’s prevents.  Libby likes being out with the herd and is frequently seen hanging out at the hay net with Daisy Mae.