Darren had a stroke in utero that resulted in many physical and developmental challenges, as well as cognitive and emotional disabilities.

Darren didn’t feel like he had anything to be proud of and share with his extended family. His siblings and cousins had sports and other activities growing up but Darren was always left out due to his disabilities. His mother felt that loss particularly for her son.

After a year on our waitlist due to lack of resources, Darren was SO excited when donations made it possible for him to fulfill his dreams. The donations we receive have given Darren joy, and this Spring he rode in a horse show winning first place in his class! Family members came from other states to cheer Darren on. His mom was so proud and thankful.


Darren radiates joy when he is on his horse, Flash. Here he is saluting the judge after his first place ride. Contributions from our donors provided the means to change Darren’s life. Please consider making a donation today!