Gabby came to New Hope in 2018 via a former New Hope rider who rescued her.  Not much is known about her younger days, but we suspect she competed in rodeo events in some capacity.  She just gets so excited and is raring to go when she attends our annual competition for special needs riders, the Chisholm Challenge. Gabby is estimated to be an early 2000’s model grade, which is a fancy way to say her breed is unknown.  Riders enjoy Gabby’s smooth gaits and willingness to go slow.  The more advanced riders love her speed at the canter and her ability to turn on a dime. Gabby is a special needs mare, suffering from Cushing’s disease, an endocrine disorder, and has fully recovered from EPM, a disease which affects the nervous system.  Sometimes she requires special understanding and encouragement, as her EPM battle left her unsure of her balance when having her feet tended to.  Gabby tends to have a horse of the day preference and hangs out with different herd members as the mood strikes, but chooses to hang with Chito most often.