A 2009 model quarter horse, Duke was welcomed into the herd in spring 2023.  Bred to be a western pleasure horse and quite successful at it, Duke was unable to continue in the competition arena due to an injury.  His injury is completely healed and while it put him at a huge disadvantage in the competition arena, it does not limit or prevent him from being an excellent therapy horse.  Thankfully his young owner recognized that though his western pleasure competition days were over, he was far from done and had many gifts to offer riders.  She chose to allow him to share those gifts with New Hope while maintaining ownership and visiting rights (which she does quite regularly, thrilling Duke and us as well). Duke wasted no time making new friends and establishing himself as a worthy steed.  He loves people and is a little like a big puppy!  Riders have picked up on his personality and he is quickly becoming a favorite.  Because of his skill at the western pleasure jog (a very slow, relatively smooth trot), Duke excels at introducing riders to the trot.  He enjoys the opportunity to stretch out his trot as well, so more daring riders thrill to his speed and power.  Eager to please, Duke is content to go with whatever speed is required of him at the time.  So far Duke does not have a best friend – he likes everyone!