Chito running


Panchito, better known as Chito came to New Hope 200 pounds overweight. We worked to get the weight off so he would not founder and he started working in our THBR program. 

We did not know his breed until recently. Galicenos are small but hardy, with courage and stamina and can carry an adult for a full day’s ride and still be less spent than many other horses.

Chito has jumped, run barrels and poles, and likes to go on trail rides. His size makes him versatile for lead-line classes and independent riders.

Chito loves scratches and thinks he is very fancy. His flowing mane and tail earned him the nickname Fabio when he first arrived at NH. He is a little horse with a BIG personality!

Galicenos are considered critically endangered as there are fewer than 100 left and most are not in breeding situations.