[Re-posted from Feb. 15]
Susan presenting an award to an exuberant Luci.

Susan ended the awards luncheon by thanking all the volunteers. And they should be thanked. Nothing that happens at New Hope would happen without volunteers. That includes a great many tasks. Most of which have to do with horses (and a mule), with or without rider.

Specifically pertaining to Chisholm Challenge itself – not counting the preparation beforehand – begins with loading up  the tack room into the truck along with other necessities.  Then transporting those horses that will be ridden during events to the stalls in Fort Worth. Then there’s the general care of the horses for two and a half

Warm Up Arena – Riders’ seating is on the left.

days. In addition, volunteers are needed to bring the riders to the New Hope stalls from the New Hope section of the John Justin Arena (JJA) stands and then back to the warm up arena at the back of JJA. That trip needs to be made for each rider. After the ride, it’s all done backwards. Then there are the side walkers and horse leaders. As well as other volunteers.

To the volunteers who helped at Chisholm Challenge, we say Thank You!

Ride on and ride for hope!