Horses Help Forge Lasting Friendships

[Re-posted from March 15] Tucker and Juliana are a perfect example of the type of friendships that are built at New Hope. Away from the outside pressures of school, society in general, and people who just don’t understand. People driving by go unnoticed. There are only horses and friends in the little universe called New […]

Chisholm Challenge – The Volunteers Who Make it Possible

[Re-posted from Feb. 15] Susan ended the awards luncheon by thanking all the volunteers. And they should be thanked. Nothing that happens at New Hope would happen without volunteers. That includes a great many tasks. Most of which have to do with horses (and a mule), with or without rider. Specifically pertaining to Chisholm Challenge […]

Chisholm Challenge Award Luncheon

[Re-posted from Feb. 2] After being under the weather last week – and staying out of the weather then and now – it’s back to the Chisholm Challenge news and the awards luncheon. Looking outside now at all the frozen white, it’s hard to picture the sunny Saturday at the Pizza Hut in Argyle as […]

Chisholm Challenge – The Aftermath

[Re-posted from Jan. 20] By now, everyone – horses, riders, and volunteers – has had a chance to rest. Some of the riders and volunteers have been riding to exercise the horses, re-live Chisholm Challenge, and sooth their soul. Tomorrow will be the New Hope awards ceremony at lunch with – you guessed it – […]

A Horse is a Horse Except When It’s Not

[Re-posted from Jan. 13] Now that I have your attention, I’ll explain what I mean. No, I don’t mean that at any time, a horse is not a horse. That is not in my bailiwick. I mean that every horse is different – like almost everything on the planet. Or I could say that horses […]

Chisholm Challenge – Final Day

[Re-posted from Jan. 11] A tired group of volunteers waiting for the final Chisholm Challenge events after packing everything up to return to New Hope. Tucker is competing in barrels and pole bending. Then it’s time to load Gabby and the final group of horses in the trailer before heading back to Argyle. It’s been […]

Chisolm Challenge – Load In

[Re-posted from Jan. 9] While I was posting yesterday, volunteers were setting up the horse’s stalls and tack room. It took a number of volunteers several hours to get everything set up. They also erected the banner at our gathering area for Chisolm Challenge Opening Ceremonies in John Justin Arena. Competition events will be held […]

Here Comes Chisholm Challenge!

[Re-posted from Jan. 8] Drew was satisfied with his practice for Chisholm Challenge this next week with Tommy. And no, Tommy did not eat Susan, she just happened to be grooming Tommy at the time. Riders have been practicing for a number of weeks for Chisholm Challenge events. Chisholm Challenge is one of the first […]