l-r: Juliana, Tucker, Drew, Ava, Claire at the New Hope Gala.

By Dan Roark

It takes all different types of volunteers to help a nonprofit such as New Hope operate on a day to day basis in addition to those on staff. The different types will present themselves in the course of the volunteer highlights over the next few months.

But the group of volunteers I would like to call attention to now are the most endearing type of volunteer. Which are those volunteers who began as riders at New Hope and have now begun to volunteer – assisting the other riders who are not as far along in their journey in this little universe we call New Hope.

Juliana, Tucker, Drew, Ava and Claire are not only fellow riders/volunteers, but they are also very good friends. When they are not at New Hope or at school, they are likely to be found on phone chat, talking about school, horses, New Hope, and all the things teenage girls talk about. When at New Hope, however, it is all about horses – albeit with smiles on their faces. After assisting with the younger riders’ lesson, they have their own lesson as riders. Tucker moved out of the area, but she still keeps in touch and comes to New Hope as often as she can.

These rider/volunteers are to be commended for volunteering in addition to school work, family obligations, and extra curricular activities. Not only do they help with the horses and around New Hope, they also brighten up the arena with their smiles. And we return the favor with the smile they bring to our faces.

Ride on and ride for hope.

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