Therapeutic Riding

Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected this list of frequently asked questions to assist you. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please use the Contact Us form to reach out with your question. 

Therapeutic riding lessons at New Hope are tailored to each rider’s individual needs and abilities, and generally consist of grooming the horse, tacking up, arena riding, and trail riding.

Sessions begin annually in mid-September and end in June.

We charge $60 per lesson. Our actual cost is over $100, we depend on donations and grants to cover the difference.

Weekly lessons are one hour long.

Insurance typically does not cover therapeutic riding however you may be able to utilize one of the following programs including our own program for families with low income. Our Horses Helping Heros program does have specific funding support.

o CLASS – “CLASS Texas Program”

o Class Wallet –

o My ASDF – for those on Autism spectrum; apply in May as soon as possible as funds run out quickly

o New Hope Financial Assistance Program – registered participants may apply year round  however participants must complete registration before applying for reduced rates.

Riders must be at least 4 years of age. 

Participant must be at least 2 ft tall. There is no minimum weight requirement. 

Participants must weight 260 pounds or less.

Yes, but the lesson fee will not be reduced. Also, all volunteer paperwork and training must be completed in advance.