Help Libby get back to doing what she loves – being a therapy horse!

By Dan Roark

While I was posting about how well Libby was dealing with equine Cushing’s disease, her health began to go south, adding to the vet issues and bills which accelerated with Olivia’s visit to the equine ICU recently.

Libby contracted pneumonia, causing an overnight stay at the vet hospital – which also revealed that she will need to have her Cushing’s disease retested. Apparently, Libby is not successfully keeping the Cushing’s at bay with her current dosage.

By all accounts, Libby had choke at one point. Horses with choke ordinarily have a frothy discharge from both nostrils (a mixture of saliva and food that has not passed down into the stomach), caused by the esophagus being blocked. It seemed to resolve itself – the majority of cases of choke will clear themselves within a couple of hours. Unfortunately, Libby also aspirated into her right lung. Which is one way a horse can contract pneumonia. But her left lung remained clear. So it is not resolutely clear which came first, choke or pneumonia.

We’re hopeful Libby will come home today, but it may be tomorrow. And a hefty bill will come home with her. Please prayerfully consider donating to New Hope to help our girl come home in style. And know that all donations are appreciated. New Hope could not exist without your support.

Ride on and ride for hope.

Donate to New Hope.

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