Susan Altshuler on Bandit in the middle of a jump.

By Dan Roark

Cyndy and I drove out to Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler on Sunday to see Susan Altshuler, New Hope Instructor, in the second day of the jumping competition. Susan takes riding lessons at StoryBook Sport Horses. She was one of several riders representing StoryBook.

Watching jumping competitions gives you an excellent example of the relationship between rider and horse. Practice sessions are not always about riding, but also about the rider getting to know her horse. It may be a cliche, or an oft-used phrase, but in a jumping competition, the horse and rider do actually act as one. It’s a beautiful sight! You can see the concentration on the faces of both.

Not only did we get to see our friend compete in the jumping competition, but we were able to witness an adorable friendly rivalry between Susan and Jodi Steely. Susan received two firsts in the competition and they tied for champion.

“Jodi would beat me by 1/2 second, then I would beat her by 1/2 second”, Susan was saying, “we usually finish within a second of each other and we push each other to do better. I love that we shared champion and that we have such a friendly, supportive rivalry.”

While the sun never really broke through the clouds, watching Susan, Jodi and many other competitors ride, and being around horses, always makes for a very enjoyable day.

Congratulations Susan, from everyone at New Hope!!!

Ride on and ride for hope.



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