By Dan Roark

Being just a little over two days since Chisholm Challenge, the Awards Party/Luncheon still had the energy and excitement vibe that accompanied the competition itself. Pizza was passed along as the riders and their families arrived at the Pizza Hut. When those who were coming were there, Susan started the awards part of the occasion. She said what everyone was thinking who had witnessed the past two years of Chisholm Challenge – including those in charge of CC – this was the best Chisholm Challenge of the past few years. Everything went smoothly, hardly dragging at all. There are always inevitable down times when everyone takes a quick breath and gets ready for the next round of heats. Yet even those times had an air of accomplishment about them.








New Hope riders fared well, garnering wins and awards, making the success of the entire competition all  that more personal.



Ride on and ride for hope.

















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